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This app doesn’t work! It keeps saying “Oops, system has encountered an error (#500)…” ¬¬ Waste of time and money. Fix it or I’ll ask for a refund!

Used to work great in earlier versions - now severely broken.

Version 1.15 has a lot of new problems: - Cannot send an email - Cannot delete or file an email - Sometimes page comes up completely white None of this was happening in earlier versions.

Please fix it.Thanks!

This version for just checking the email is fine, but can't reply the email.

will not open

1.15 does not work!

Great… with one small annoyance

Revised: Version 1.15 WILL NOT OPEN. Revised: version 1.11 WILL NOT FUNCTION! Just shows up with an all white screen. Have restarted app and computer multiple times to no avail. This is a great app: super convenient, clear, works every time, and all around great. One request: can you please give us the option to change the alert sound?

Its ok

Would love to see the icon change color to denote unread messages....

Great App !!!

I use my Gmail account to interact with important customers in addition to other social platforms. I was very happy to come across Social for Gmail - it has really helped me manage my time better. The real time notifications have been a boon …I am now able to answer all important emails without any delay. This is critical to my small business. I no longer use scores of open web browsers as Social for Gmail takes care of organizing my desktop. The additional mobile view offered by this app is really convenient as I am able to stay connected even when away from my Mac, and all this for free!

App Won't open

I have dowloaded this app twice but it will not open. I have to restart my computer to even delete it because when I go to delete it it says that the app is still running. It is very frustrating. I would really like to see this app work. When it is up and running let me know.


Looks good when it works, it doesnt stay on the screen. why cant they make it work right.

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